The Gem of Entheogens

The Gem of Entheogens



Art, Visionary Art, Psychedelic Art, Digital Art, Shiva, Holistic Art, Trippy Art, Wall Hanging, Tapestry, Canvas.

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art, tapestry, psychedelic art, trippy art, satin, visionary art, wall hanging, backdrop, festival, psytrance, trance, goa, hippie

✥ ❉ ✥ The Gem of Entheogens ✥ ❉ ✥
☉ Fade Resistant & supremely vibrant print quality with “Sublimation Print Technology”
a technology that eradicates pixilation in print reproduction/s.
☉ Printed on premium quality “100% Satin Fabric” :
most suitable for both “Indoor & Outdoor” display.
☉ Fused with a cotton lining on the back side of the tapestry
to provide a firmer look & an even fall when stretched.
☉ Black elastic piping on the borders with four “Elastic Loops”
for stretching.
☉ Lightweight makes it Easy to carry.
☉ ✓ Wash ✓ Iron ✓ Trip

❉ A V A I L A B L E Size Variants ❉

* 24inc/61cm X 24inc/61cm
* 36inc/91cm X 36inc/91cm
* 55inc/139cm X 55inc/139cm

us if you’re looking for a “PERSONALISED SIZE”
& we can work that out..
if any of the above size/s you are
interested in is/are SOLD OUT,
we would be happy to make a
rerun of the same print for you.

We also offer better prices if you’re
looking to purchase over two prints,
please write to us & we will
share the details accordingly.

✎ : a [!at]
✎ : z [!at]

All PURCHASES include
༺✿ 卐 ✿༻

✎ : a [!at]
✎ : z [!at]

All PURCHASES include
༺✿ 卐 ✿༻

✥ ❉ ✥ The Gem of Entheogens ✥ ❉ ✥
Entheogen is typically defined as a psychoactive drug or substance used in religious or spiritual practices.
The term comes from the Greek en, meaning “in” or “within”; theo, meaning “god” or “divine”; and gen, meaning “creates” or “generates.”
It translates as “generating or creating the divine within.” The term was coined in the late 1970s to replace “psychedelic.”
Although, entheogen encompasses a wider variety of substances.
Entheogens have been used with the goal of achieving transcendence across many spiritual practices, including meditation,
yoga and chanting.
Entheogens have been used in religious and spiritual rituals for thousands of years – from Asia to the Americas. Vajrayana
(a form of Tantric Buddhism) has had a well-documented tradition – albeit not widespread – of the use of entheogens,
particularly datura and cannabis. In Hinduism, both cannabis and, to a lesser extent, the potent datura have been used in
religious practices.

All artworks are alchemically toned & coded with subtle
hallucinatory vibrations visually.
The style of work is a congregation of symmetry, imagery & geometry
largely inspired by nature & hallucinatory experiences.
– Assembled at “The Are Studio”, India.

༺✿ ॐ ✿༻

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 11 cm

24 inches x 24 inches, 36 inches x 36 inches

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